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Agriturismo Les Ecureuils

Goat straw

Goat straw

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Goat's milk cheese of ancient origins, the name derives from the straw bed where these little cheeses were left to mature. Obtained from a lactic curd, the milk is acidified at room temperature for 24 hours with the addition of lactic ferments and moulds, the curd is then cut and placed in baskets where it ages for about a week. The cheese has a delicate ivory-coloured flowery rind and a white and creamy interior, slightly more structured in the central part. The taste is intense, a hint of acidity, a hint of almond and a delicate creaminess leave a pleasant tasting persistence in the mouth. Excellent on its own and versatile in the kitchen, recommended in combination with foods with a sweet tendency such as simple boiled potatoes, a carrot or pea cream soup, dissolved on dry pasta with a drizzle of pepper and extra virgin olive oil or on raviolini combined with cherry tomatoes date tomatoes. A white wine with good structure, perhaps a little refined, is its ideal companion but it does not disdain young and fragrant reds either.

weight approximately 120g

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