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Arnica cream 75ml

Arnica cream 75ml

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This arnica cream has a very high concentration of Arnica extract [30%] . Thanks to the characteristics and beneficial properties of arnica flowers , this ointment is very effective and provides immediate relief . In fact, arnica cream has been used since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bruising and analgesic properties as an alternative to other medicines or painkillers. The cream formulation, light and ready to use , facilitates application and allows the arnica extract to fully carry out its activity. This cream turns out to be an excellent anti-inflammatory ointment , perfect for use on bruises, muscle tears and contractures and also for small children's play injuries . This natural anti-inflammatory cream is also effective for sports injuries, such as cramps, sprains or sprains, but also tendonitis or heel pain.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties , arnica ointment is also perfect for mosquito or insect bites or acne . In fact, it allows you to reduce irritation or skin infections. Use only on intact skin.

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