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Boule de Neige

Genepy 91-21 ''Limited Edition''

Genepy 91-21 ''Limited Edition''

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Boule de Neige celebrates 30 years of activity with a limited edition of their classic liqueur, a light taste of star anise is added to the herbaceous and aromatic notes of genepy, which is not intrusive, but which contributes to enriching the taste-olfactory bouquet of the infusion .

The Hotel Boule de Neige, managed and founded by the Saudin family, has believed in hospitality and in the Rhêmes Valley for more than 30 years and has always had knowledge and a particular eye in working with local materials. Genepy, once made only at home, is now available to the public, always faithfully following the ancient family recipe and maintaining the rich and natural taste of the artisanal liqueur.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Genepy Infusion, Natural Flavors.

30% vol. 50cl

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