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HIBOU Prodotti Valdostani

“Mordùa” kit The Aosta Valley aperitif

“Mordùa” kit The Aosta Valley aperitif

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“Mordùa” is not just an aperitif, in Valle d'Aosta it is a sacred moment, when you are in the company of friends it is tradition to open a bottle of red wine, cut a nice piece of fontina, two salamis and some accompanying breadsticks . Many times the aperitif gets out of hand, becomes dinner and consequently we spend a late night in the cellars amidst laughter, accordions and popular songs.

In these difficult moments for everyone we have decided to bring a bit of our tradition and a few smiles to your home, to do all this we have created the "Mordùa" kit.

The kit contains:

1 bottle of assorted red wine

300g of Fontina dop

1 mixed beef/pork sausage

1 pack of 200g of breadsticks from Panificio Bovio

1 28g jar of honey to pair with the cheese

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