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Cave Gargantua

Vin de la Fée

Vin de la Fée

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“Vino della Fata is one of the first wines produced. It is a wine that wants to represent tradition in poetic form as indicated by the name chosen by our aunt, Giuliana Cunéaz, the family artist. It is an aromatic and balanced white wine. The main backbone made up of Gewurztraminer gives it aroma and alcohol content and the light territorial blend of Prié Blanc gives it freshness and verticality.”

Cave Gargantua is a company that struck me straight away, I had no doubts, I had to include it in the cellar. Born from the idea of ​​two brothers, Laurent and Andrea Cunéaz, it came to life in their parents' home in Gressan. Their continuous experimentation with remarkable results, the commitment, the professionalism and the way in which they believe in their business really impressed me. Cave Gargantua creates great Aosta Valley wines and will certainly have many surprises in store for us in the future.

Grape variety: Gewurtztraminer 90%, Prié Blanc 10%

Alcohol: 13.5%

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